Though often perceived as impermeably existing outside of ‘nature’, the accumulation of plastics is not something that merely piles upon, but rather lives with/in ecosystems. Despite its desirable function as an impenetrable sealant, a container of bacterial worlds, plastics are inextricably entangled with earth, air, water and human/more-than-human life forms.

Photos by Alex Berry + Sylvia Kind


We are grateful to Sylvia Kind, faculty member at Capilano University’s department of Early Childhood Care and Education and atelierista of Capilano’s Children’s Studio. In February of 2019, Sylvia walked with us through Santana’s neighbouring forest. Several of the photos included here emerged from our walks together, as we noticed the vibrant/contradictory life of plastics in this place. Sylvia supported us immensely in rethinking the role of the arts in education through several workshops and a public lecture event. Her work proposes to us new ways of thinking with plastics through the arts.