Maintain the status record (amount of the provision) for the material discount, the amount of the discount that we want to grant to the customer In the pricing procedure just above the net value of the item, we specify a subtotal “Discount basis” by specifying the value `7` for the field “Subtotal”, which updates the discount basis in the table `KOMP` and the field `BONBA`. Note: The sales document type “R3” is the same as “CR”, except for the corresponding billing type, which is “B3” (partial discount billing). To set up a discount agreement, the path is as follows: IMG ➢ Sales ➢ Billing ➢ Discount Processing ➢ Discount Agreements ➢ Define Agreement Types ➢ Define Agreement Types [VB(2]. You can check the existing types of bonus contracts or set a new one. Below are some of the important fields of the details screen. Below the net value of the position, we need to place the types of discount conditions. Since the discount amount is calculated on the basis of the discount, while the types of discount conditions are included in the procedure for the “from” field, we specify the “Step ID” of a discount basis. Payment Method: Specifies the default method to pay the discount amount to the customer. For example, it can be a credit or a check, etc. Select the type of discount contract you want to use and assign it a group of conditions types. In our example, agreement type 0001 is associated with condition type group 0001. In addition, the group is connected to the BO01 condition type with two condition tables, 1 and 2, and thus the assignment is complete. Payment method The value of this area determines the upper limit for manual payments compared to a discount agreement.

Here you can choose A to allow manual payments up to the accumulation value, B to allow manual payments up to the pro forma settlement value, or C for no limit, or you can leave the field blank, in which case SAP does not allow manual payments. Margins are improved through valid discount and price calculations. Manual layouts Command type In the ManAccrls order type field, you define the standard order type for all manual layouts, e.B layouts for service discounts, or layouts for retroactive discounts. If you are processing manual provision for a remittance contract, SAP uses this type of sales document to create the credit note request for the manual remittance provision. Create the billing document `Partial Remittance Payment` (Credit Note) with reference to `Partial Remittance Payment Request` with the transaction code `VF01`. Updating the sales volume for an SAP remittance contract is an intensive process. You can use the VBOF transaction to update the volume and attach the eligible invoice and the terms of an agreement. It can also be a planned job within SAP. Group discount: This allows you to create condition records for a combination of customer/material or customer/discount group. Defining condition type groups The next step in the adjustment is to assign one or more delivery conditions to a group of condition types.

You then add this group to the discount agreement type. This way, you can create the bonus agreement and bonus conditions associated with the same transaction. Discounts are disabled by default in sap standard. You must enable features at three levels: sales organizations, billing types, and the customer level. You can enable discounts on the first two tiers – sales organization and billing type – in personalization. The menu path is: IMG ➢ Sales ➢ Billing ➢ Discount Processing ➢ Enable Discount Processing. Manual provisions This check box determines whether manual provisions should be allowed for a specific type of contract. In standard SAP, agreement types 0002 and 0005 are configured for manual layouts. Discounts: The discount contract is a special agreement that is granted to the customer for a certain volume of sales over a certain period of time. Suggested Valid from/Recommended valid for Specifies the default validity periods that the system automatically offers when creating the discount agreement. The standard valid from the date is very important to know if we offer a retroactive discount or not. If we leave this field blank, the discount is valid from the current date.

If we specify the value “first day of the year”, the discount agreement is valid from the first day of the year, although the agreement is created on the current date, called retroactive discount. With this article, we continue our series of articles in which we discuss potential SAP interview questions. Today, we`re going to discuss the interview issue related to remittance agreements in SAP. This SAP feature refers to sales and distribution (SD) and billing (BIL). Therefore, this contribution should be of great interest to SAP SD consultants. Gets details about the total amount of the delivery of the delivery of the provision hierarchy of the paying client: it enables condition records for a node/material of customer hierarchy or only by hierarchy. . . .